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Innovation and growth of the SMI 20 corporations. Strong innovation intent, but limited implementation performance? Swiss companies have a stronger innovation orientation than German firms.


Switzerland was ranked No. 1 worldwide for innovation according to the Global Innovation Index 2015, and the country has held this top position for several years. But what about the innovative activities of its largest public companies, the SMI 20 firms?


A top rank for the economy does not automatically go along with top innovation results for the country’s largest firms. Regular innovation awards may further lead to complacency and limited innovation efforts. This is what inspired ILI CONSULTING AG to conduct the ‘Innovation 2016’ study, aimed at evaluating the innovation activities of the companies in the SMI 20 index.


Many SMI 20 firms have a relatively strong innovation intent, but the successful implementation of innovation is another story. Based on peer evaluation of the innovation experts, the most innovative SMI 20 companies are Novartis and Roche followed by Nestlé, ABB, Swisscom, Swatch Group, Richemont, UBS, Geberit and Julius Bär.