Ready for Open Innovation?

MIT Sloan Management Review

Richtig umgesetzt birgt Open Innovation große Chancen für jedes Unternehmen. Doch zuerst muss unter anderem die häufig negative Grundeinstellung vieler Mitarbeiter überwunden werden.


Aus unserem Artikel: „… IN THE FACE OF challenging economic conditions and growing international competition, many industrial companies are attempting to capture additional value from their technologies. In particular, many companies are trying to profit from open innovation, which involves actively collaborating with external partners throughout the innovation process. Many industrial companies now acquire technology from external sources in order to strengthen and speed up their internal innovation processes — an approach we call inbound open innovation. Companies also increasingly transfer some of their own proprietary technology to other companies by means such as licensing, to achieve various monetary and nonmonetary benefits. We call that approach outbound open innovation…“


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